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Hashtag Highlight: @mommyshorts and the Art of #babysuiting

For more photos of tiny babies in big suits, browse the #babysuiting hashtag and follow @mommyshorts on Instagram.

"I love coming up with creative themes for baby photos and having my audience participate," says Ilana Wiles (@mommyshorts), a creative director and blogger from New York. Ilana sparked the #babymugging trend, in which people take photos of babies as if they’re sitting in mugs. Dogs were the next to get in on the fun with the popular #muttmuggin hashtag.

"Ever since the success of #babymugging, I’m always trying to come up with the next baby photo meme," explained Ilana. "When my nephew was born, I had the idea of photographing him in his dad’s suit. The photo was so funny to me, I decided to go around to friends with newborns and photograph them in their dad’s suits too."

When it came to giving the theme a name, Ilana polled her followers. “I went with #babysuiting,” she explains, “because it was a nice piggyback to #babymugging, and, in my experience, hashtags work best when they are very easy to decipher.”

Ilana offers this advice for those who’d like to give #babysuiting a shot: “Before you lie your baby down, set up the shirt in the suit jacket, with the tie around the collar. It’s much less likely to disturb your baby if you don’t have to move him that much once he is on the floor. Also, the bigger the suit, the funnier the picture!”


her face resemble frogs i cant help but see the resemblance xD ..not in bad way though! frogs were my favorite animals when i was 7-8 yo i dont know why *-*


its done ^.^! I cant help but did take almost 15 photo of this pretty but all of them did end up being crappy :c i dont even have any space in home for now.. i will take better photos soon at outside on grass when i have the change *u*

Double Pineapple doily pattern<


by Wesley Burt

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Healthy eating!


No matter what mistakes you make or bumps in the road you come across, you are not a failure. Don’t forget that. >v<

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